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    Ekavi Joel Angelo

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    Kavi looks an awful lot like Alexander Nifong

    Kavi's appearance: Kavi is about 5'9, with longish curly blond hair and blue eyes.

    Kavi's past: Kavi is a second child and only son of Overloridian Arizona  and Joel Angelo. Born a couple years after the war, he was named for his late uncle. Growing up, Kavi always felt like he had a lot of expectations pushed on him by his father, leading to some resentment. It definitely didn't help that there always seemed to be a double-standard when it came to how his father treated him versus his sister. As a result Kavi got along better with his mother, who pretty much let both her children be who they wanted to be.

    On top of that, Kavi always had a hard time with a.) the fact that his father had once been a spy for the Deilig tyranny and b.) the fact that his uncle, who he was named after, had been the one to cause Adhbhar's loss in the war. These things caused Kavi to want to prove himself as different from (and better than) his father and late uncle.

    Kavi's present: Kavi is a student at Redfern, getting good grades and being a decent athelete on the sport's team, mainly to please his parents as he himself is not particularly passionate about school or sports. He has recently settled and chosen Nadar as his eilemaiden. Now that he's settled, he wants to drop out of school and go somewhere where he believes he can do some good in the world, even though he knows his parents won't be happy about that.

    Kavi described in five words: determined, righteous, resentful, ambitious, brave

    Kavi's other half: Polaris

    Polaris is a lady

    Polaris is a red goshawk

    Kavi & Polaris are played by sharn

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