first attempt

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    first attempt

    Post by Maxwell Sommers on Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:56 pm


    That was all that Max ever felt anymore. It was hard for him to sleep at night. He was still plagued with nightmares, even though it had been several years since the war had ended. Today was no different, as he wandered the halls of his home, carrying a fussy baby Kinley in his arms. His wife, Amerie, was away for the day, running overloridian errands.

    "Sh, sh, sh," he shushed, while gently rocking her in his arms. She had already been fed and burped, so she was either just as depressed as her father, or she was tired. Max laughed at his stupid and ridiculous joke. "Oh little Kinny," he cooed. "Can't you go to sleep?"

    Max found himself in Kinley's bedroom, where everything was soft pinks, purples, and creamy whites. The mid-afternoon sun was shining through the blinds of her windows, casting shadows on her dresser. Max hated the shadows, they reminded him of who he wasn't suppose to be.

    His daughter was still in his arms, when he sat in a rocking chair near her crib. He held her closer to his face, and he touched her nose to his. Her little hands reached up to grab his hair. He smiled, "Be careful little girl," he laughed. "You could get lost in that thing."

    He lowered his arms and cradled her, then began to rock. He wasn't sure how long he sat there with her in his arms until she finally fell asleep, but as soon as he realized she was sleeping, he slowly stood from the rocker and gently laid her down in the crib. He smiled sadly down at his sleeping daughter, feeling both love and guilt. He was never going to be enough for her and her mother.

    Max silently crept away from her bedroom and found himself in the bathroom. He turned on the light and stared at himself in the mirror. He didn't recognize himself anymore, although nothing had really changed. The bags under his eyes were a lot more prominent, but his face lacked the laugh lines that should have been there. Piper stood silently outside of the bathroom door. Ever since the war, she and her clio didn't speak much.

    He wasn't sure when he made the decision, but Max found himself in his bedroom, the bedroom he shared with his beautiful wife, holding a tie in his right hand. He stared at it, like it was the first time he had ever seen a tie before. He tied it loosely around his neck, then shuffled back to the bathroom. He climbed onto the edge of their large, gazebo-like tub, then tied the other end of the tie around the pole holding up the shower curtain.

    Max closed his eyes tight, then jumped. The first sensation he felt was pain, white, searing hot pain. He saw stars as he felt his throat being constricted by the ties tightness, spit dribbled down his chin, he was starting to lose consciousness, but somewhere in the background, there was a child crying. Kinley.

    A shadow from behind Max was solidified, its hands in the shape of swords. It sliced the noose in half, and Max fell to his knees, coughing, sputtering, gasping for air. His eyes were watering as he struggled to rip the tie from his neck. He clawed his way up the bathtub, and to his feet, and rushed back to his daughters bedroom, where his tiny child was awake again, crying her little eyes out.

    Maxwell was crying too as he scooped his precious little daughter into his arms. He bounced her, trying to sooth her, as he cried along with her.

    "I'm so sorry, Kinley," he kept repeating. "I'm so sorry."

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