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    kinley aran sommers

    Post by Kinley Sommers on Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:41 am

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    Kinely looks an awful lot like Mikalah Sultan

    Kinely's appearance: Kinley is 5'2" with greenish-hazel eyes and brown hair.

    Kinley's past: Kinley grew up as an only child, the daughter of Amerie and Max Sommers. She was always a very rambunctious child which caused a disconnect between Kinley and her parents who were both quiet and reserved. Kinley was always trying to sneak out and see the world but her parents, her father especially, were very protective and didn't like her leaving the estate very much.

    The only time Kinley ever got out was when she was with her pseudo aunt and namesake Aran. Aran's family (consisting of a step daughter that Kinley thinks of as a cousin and a wife that Kinley looks up to like another aunt) was a big relief to Kinley and she loved spending time with them whenever she could.

    Kinley's present: Kinley's mom struggled to let her attend Redfern, but with a bit of prodding by Aran, Amerie and Max finally allowed Kinley to go. Since being there Kinley has really flourished--she loves meeting new clio and exploring new places. Because she was so sheltered she sometimes gets into trouble by pushing the wrong boundaries or not knowing how to act in certain situations, but she gets by. Her grades are average but not spectacular, mostly because she spends so much time daydreaming.

    Kinley described in five words: excitable, reckless, naive, curious, daring

    Kinley's other half: Seven

    Seven is a boyo

    Kinley & Seven are played by squabby bobby

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