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    lena wynne koda

    Post by Lena Koda on Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:25 pm

    ambellina "lena" wynne koda
    dian | nineteen | lady

    lena looks an awful lot like brittenelle fredericks

    lena's appearance: 5'10'', bright blue eyes, short and dyed silver/blonde hair that can be found in a variety of styles depending on the day. She takes a lot of pride in her fashion sense and seems dressed up even when she's going casual. She has a naturally slim build and blurs the lines between masculine and feminine in the way she presents herself.

    lena's past: Lena was born just a handful of months before both of her parents left to serve in the Dian military during the Amelian War. Lena and her older brother Nathan were temporarily raised by their Aunt Olivia -- during this time, Nate took on a large role (especially considering how young he was) in taking care of Lena, which led to a long-lasting and intense sibling bond between the two.

    Though Lena's parents were gone for her first year-or-so of life, she grew to have a healthy and caring relationship with them and they provided many opportunities and much support for her and her brother as they grew up.

    While Lena and her brother were always very close and supportive of one another, they seemed to develop opposite perspectives regarding the army -- as Nate viewed service as an honor and something to have undeniable pride in, Lena felt that those who served in the military were too often used as pawns and irreversibly mentally/physically traumatized for the sake of power-hungry authority figures.

    This has caused some heavy debates in their home, but their family has developed a "you do you, I'll do me" sort of mantra (or tried to...it's not always successful) to attempt to create a healthy and safer space for these disagreements and differences. Once Nate and Lena were of age, they spent a lot of time away from Dian while attending Redfern Academy anyhow, and so the family has grown to become intentional in spending positive and fun time together when they can.

    lena's present: Lena is finishing her final year at Redfern, where she has developed a good circle of friends and a reputation as a charismatic and confident social butterfly (and maybe sometimes a heartbreaker). While she seems to run in a "cool" crowd, she's not someone to judge or ridicule others.

    As she has gotten older, she has become more of a humanitarian and has gotten involved in social justice efforts from feminism to veteran rights. She hasn't been super approving of her brother's deep investment in the military, but knows that it's a matter of value and perspective differences. The two of them still talk regularly, and she visits her family back in Dian often as well.

    lena described in five words: charismatic, confident, opinionated, determined, adaptable

    lena's other half: apollo

    apollo is a little man

    apollo is a yellow throated marten

    lena & apollo are played by luca

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