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    Post by Henrik Selway-Sommers on Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:31 am

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    Henrik looks an awful lot like Timofei Rudenko

    Henrik's appearance: Henri is 5'11" with gray eyes and brown curly hair.

    Henri's past: Henri grew up in a very close knit family with extremely supportive parents. He has two sisters, a crazy talented athletic older sister named Senna and a crazy talented artistic younger sister named Poppy. His sisters both took after their mother in their love of exploration and the outdoors while Henri took more after his father and is more introverted and subdued.

    On the several family camping trips he was forced to endure while growing up, Henri could often be found nestled somewhere safe (not near cliffs or racing rivers or giant trees or anywhere an animal could be hiding) reading a book. Both Senna and Poppy teased him for his book-wormy habits, but his parents were proud of him just the way he was...which was good, because he also was terrible at gardening, try as he might to excel at it. No matter how many books he read on the subject he just couldn't get the hang of it.

    Henri's present: These days Henri spends most of his time at Redfern where he attends school. He's extremely intelligent and spends a lot of his time doing homework and research in the library. He has few friends and was teased often while growing up because of his nerdy tendencies. He's somewhat afraid of Senna who constantly threatened the kids who made fun of him at school.

    Henri described in five words: introverted, caring, logical, cautious, passive

    Henri's other half: Lydia

    Lydia is a girl

    Lydia is a scottish wildcat

    Henri & Lydia are played by squabby bobby

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