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    Leon Damien Vo

    Post by Leon Vo on Sat Nov 25, 2017 6:27 pm

    Leon Damien Vo

    LEON looks an awful lot like Jay Paek

    LEON's appearance: 5'8, with black hair and dark eyes.

    LEON's past: Leon grew up in the rough city of Stonecraft, in a particularly bad neighborhood that was rife with gang violence. Many members of his family joined or were otherwise affiliated with a small street gang called the Reapers. Friends and family joined for a variety of reasons, such as status, protection and fear. It was always expected that Leon would join as well, and sure enough he did once he was old enough to be useful.

    LEON's present: Nowadays Leon is still with the Reapers. Many of his fellow members are cousins and friends. Their territory is small, only a few blocks, and if they venture too far they have to deal with rival gangs like the Falcons. There's a camaraderie among members and they try to look out for each other. Leon was even dating a girl in the Reapers up until recently, but ended up getting dumped.

    LEON described in five words: impulsive, determined, stubborn, careless, enthusiastic

    LEON's other half: Zeta

    ZETA is a lady alligator

    ZETA is an American alligator

    LEON & ZETA are played by sharn

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