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    poppy estela selway-sommers

    Post by Poppy Selway-Sommers on Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:11 am

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    Poppy looks an awful lot like Sabrina Carpenter

    Poppy's appearance: 5'5" with blue-gray eyes and blonde curly hair.

    Poppy's past: Poppy grew up with loving parents (Paisley and Nils) and two annoying older siblings (that she loves more than anything). She was the baby of the family, but not by much! She's only eleven months younger than her brother and her older sister is just a year older than him.

    All of the Selway-Sommers children had everything they could ask for but Poppy was probably the one that took the most advantage of this. She learned early on how to make the perfect pouty face to get the advisors and other estate employees to give her whatever she wanted. She's very close to all the workers and they always seemed to have a cookie waiting for her in her younger years.

    Poppy loves imitating her sister, and some of her favorite pastimes are following Senna into the woods when she didn't know it (or pretended she didn't know--looking back, Poppy is pretty sure Senna knew about her following along, half the time). Poppy's mom often took her daughters on "girl's trips" into the wilderness, and Poppy loved learning from her mom, alongside her older sister, about all of the nature that Nadar had to offer.

    Poppy gets along with Senna for the most part, but because of their similar headstrong personalities they get into a lot of arguments.

    Henri and Poppy don't get on as well as Poppy and Senna do, but that's only because they have a lack of mutual interests. Poppy enjoyed annoying Henri as much as possible back in the day, and still doesn't miss a chance to pop out and scare him or something if he's being boring and reading somewhere when he should be hanging out with her! She loves him though.

    Poppy had a special bond with her aunt and uncle, Estela and Henri1, and cousin, Elias, while growing up. She was always begging to go to their house, and shared many fun memories with that side of her family. Both Estela and Elias were very into art, and Poppy picked it up quickly as a child. When tragedy struck (as always happens) and Estela was abducted, Poppy was devastated. To make things worse, Elias pulled away from her, which left Poppy feeling very disoriented and confused.

    Poppy's present: Currently Poppy is attending Redfern as a fifth year student. She gets by in school well enough, but isn't particularly interested in most of them. She does excel at art, and enjoys these classes most. However she isn't that passionate about it, despite her obvious artistic gifts (much to the exasperation of her teachers). She has a real talent with painting landscapes, which she accredits to spending so much time in the jungle of Nadar.

    Poppy gets on well with most of her classmates, but she likes getting her way which can cause some of them to think she's a brat. Her cousin, Kinley, is in the grade below her, and she enjoys spending time with her if she can.

    Poppy described in five words: sociable, curious, adventurous, impulsive, pretentious

    Poppy's other half: Sansa

    Sansa is a girl

    Poppy & Sansa are played by squabby bobby

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