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    emerson armado rossi lorenz

    Post by Emery Lorenz on Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:38 pm

    emerson armado rossi lorenz
    earalas | twenty | boy

    emery looks an awful lot like billy vandendooren

    emery's appearance: Dirty blond hair, grey/green eyes, pale complexion, thin build. 5'10". Eclectic fashion sense, obviously a mix of varying styles. Confident and playful demeanor.

    emery's past: Emery grew up in a tall and barely-balancing musty old house squeezed between two similar buildings on the outskirts of Stonecraft in Dian. Being the third-youngest of nine children from two unhappy parents who were unfortunately never able to escape systemic poverty, addiction, and life just generally dealing them a bad hand, Emery gained the responsibility of helping to care for his two younger siblings and earn an income for the large and chaotic family at quite a young age.

    'Being a Lorenz' in their family was defined as 'doing something potentially illegal for the good of the group' long before Emery was born, which made stealing, tricking, and other sometimes morally-ambiguous means of acquiring money and valuables an easy and normal task for him.

    As Emery grew older, he became more aware of the true situation that his family was in -- his parents had gotten stuck in a deal with the Coterie, a mob in Stonecraft, and had essentially been endlessly blackmailed and financially strangled by various clio in the organization for years. Though their relationship was strained, Emery and his siblings did feel an affinity and love for their parents, who eventually were brutally killed by members of the Coterie in their own home.

    The graphic murder of his parents (and general lack of care that the public showed for it) strongly influenced his older siblings, who vowed to make a better life for the family. A few of his oldest siblings found stable jobs and tried as best as they could to get their siblings out of crime, but Emery was young and immature and pressed against their change of heart, staying involved in crime for a number of years moving forward.

    emery's present: In the past few years, Emery reached a point with himself and his siblings that led him to quit the crime industry and pursue more honest work. After a few short-lived jobs, Emery found a steady position with an older Dian man who opened a new steam-powered printing press shop and needed someone who settled as Earalas to work one-on-one with him.

    Emery makes a decent living, has moved out of his family's home since his siblings are old enough to care for themselves now, and is working on adjusting to a new life of stability, consistency, and comfort in his own studio in Dian.

    emery described in five words: adventurous, resilient, confident, adaptable, private

    emery's other half: orion

    orion is a boy

    orion is a eurasian otter

    emery & orion are played by luca

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