into the darkness

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    into the darkness

    Post by Emery Lorenz on Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:14 am

    Emery had just passed a "Now Hiring" sign with a tiny hand-drawn flame, which he assumed meant Earalas, in the window of a run-down looking building in Dian, but this hadn't phased him since most buildings around here were pretty run down. He'd recently been fired from his third job since trying not to be a "criminal" for a living, which his siblings and conscious had been annoyingly pressing him to do, but he'd obviously been unsuccessful thus far. No one seemed to want him as an employee...but honestly, he'd been pretty unreliable as one anyway.

    "Why don't you go in?" Orion offered, stopping at the building as Emery continued walking by. "Maybe it could work out."

    Emery stopped and sighed, looking at Orion with disdain.

    "Really?" he questioned, hand on his hip. But he knew Orion was right. He couldn't live with his siblings forever, and gods he didn't want to.

    So Emery knocked on the door, which received no answer, but the 'open' sign was in the other window and so Emery walked into the building that looked a lot like an old house.

    "Hello?" he said loudly, Orion's paws making little footstep sounds behind him. After a few moments, Emery heard some rustling.

    "Who's there?" he heard someone say from another room.

    "My name is Emery, I'm looking for a job," Emery said, "I saw your sign in the window."

    Emery turned down the hallway from which he'd heard the voice. Suddenly a door opened at the end of the corridor, from what seemed to lead to a basement. The man standing in the doorway looking at Emery and Orion was at least in his fifties, had a fluff of gray hair and small round glasses, and wore an apron stained with ink...lots of it.

    "You Earalas?" the man asked plainly, looking Emery up and down. Emery kept his hands in the pockets of his peacoat (which was missing a few buttons but still looked professional, he thought).

    "Yes sir," Emery said, looking around the halls of the old house. The floorboards creaked when he stepped on them, but he was distracted by the framed art on the walls and lack of mess throughout the house.

    "I don't just let anybody work here," the man said, taking a few steps into the hallway toward Emery, who stopped walking forward in that moment. The man looked at him with a smile he'd seen before. A smile that said, [i]'I want you and I'll pay.'[/i] But this time was different...he didn't have to pay, because this time the man was offering something that Emery wanted, instead of the other way around. Emery felt the hair rise on his arms, and he felt a bit exposed.

    "Are you holding interviews?" Emery asked anyway, though he knew exactly where this was going. He took one step toward the man, mostly because it was what he was used to. This honestly fit with his expectations -- nothing came without a price. The man was pleased. Maybe too pleased, but Emery had seen that too and was prepared for it.

    "Why yes I am," he said with a predatory smile. "I have a printing press downstairs, it needs some steam. Why don't you come down and show me what you've got, hm?" He led Emery downstairs, where there was a large printing press and other technology that Emery didn't quite understand. The man, who said his name was Jansen, stopped suddenly to look Emery right in the eye.

    "Why don't you show me some steam, boy?" Jansen aggressively suggested as he pushed Emery against the basement wall and put one hand on Emery's chest and another on his waist. Emery knew exactly what this meant -- but he didn't know what this meant long-term. Would he have to put out to this man every day? Would this job be sex work, or real work? Both? Would Emery tell his family? If this lasted, he ultimately knew the answer...if he could make a solid living from working this guy's printing presses, he would do what he had to in order to keep the job. This setup wasn't out of the ordinary for Emery, and he could likely get his own apartment in no time with an actual consistent income.

    "I can show you more than just some steam," Emery said as he moved his body against Jansen's, pursing his lips and moving his hands to where he knew Jansen wanted them. This may not be the honest job he'd hoped for, but maybe this could be a job in general -- and after getting fired from three 'honest' jobs in a row, maybe this was all Emery was good at.

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