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    adhbhar | sixteen | dude

    B looks an awful lot like Nick Robinson

    B's appearance: 5'11", brown hair he usually lets get too long before chopping it off, brown eyes.

    B's past: B grew up as the youngest sibling in a family of nine. His parents were in and out of his life as the years passed which led to B looking up at his older brothers and sisters for parental guidance and structure instead of his actual mother and father.

    Growing up, B was much more naive to the family's struggles than the rest of his siblings. As the youngest, he missed the harshest years when his older siblings weren't able to work and his family had to survive on whatever their parents could provide them. When B was eleven their parents passed away. He was only mildy affected, having never had a true parent-child relationship with them.

    B and his sister, Aria, were enough separated in age from the rest of the family that by the time they were old enough to really understand what was happening, things with the Coterie (a criminal organization that the Lorenz parents had gotten involved in) had died down a little. As such, they were never invested in the life of crime as rest of their siblings were; in fact, their older siblings taught them against it.

    B and Aria are both very much aware that they had different childhoods from that of their siblings, and because of this have striven to make as much of themselves as they can. Often competitive with one another, they do their best to make their older siblings proud.

    B's present: Currently B works as an apprentice cutting precious stones to make jewelry. He still lives in the family home in the outskirts of Dian with a few of his older siblings and Aria, and contributes to the family's bills now that he is able.

    B described in five words: competitive, loyal, self-confident, straightforward, dramatic

    B's other half: Eos

    Eos is a lady

    Eos is a white wagtail

    B & Eos are played by sam

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