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    aria dafne fia lorenz

    Post by Aria Lorenz on Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:48 pm

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    Ri looks an awful lot like Lucy Hale

    Ri's appearance: 5'3", dark hair she keeps cut in a long bob, green eyes.

    Ri's past: Aria was born as the eighth child into an eventual family of nine. When she was small she was sheltered from the harsh realities of the world they lived in by her older siblings. Her parents, whom Ri desperately loved and wanted to be around, were in and out of the picture. This caused a longing in her that she obsessed about as she grew. Eventually her yearning for more surpassed the idea of just wanting a mother and father. She would spend her childhood constantly chasing a feeling of contentedness, but never knowing quite how to reach it.

    Ri's present: Currently Ri works in a factory, using her eilemaiden to help keep generators in working condition. She hates everything about the job, but continues to work because it pays well for her situation. On top of working with things that pose a serious physical risk to her small frame, the men she works with give her the creeps on a daily basis. Her lack of education has been a serious roadblock for Ri, who has big dreams and desperately wants to escape the city she feels a slave to.

    On the side, Ri has started "dating" well-off men and women...for a price. The money from the factory goes to her family, but the money from her side business (that she has successfully kept a secret from her siblings) has mostly gone into a savings for moving out and away.

    Ri described in five words: curious, dutiful, thick-skinned, exploitative, expressive

    Ri's other half: Helios

    Helios is a boyo

    Helios is a Black-headed Gull

    Ri & Helios are played by sam

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