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    Mallory Alberta Camilla Lorenz

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    Mallory Alberta Camilla Lorenz
    Deilig | Twenty-seven | Lady

    MALLORY looks an awful lot like Natalie Dormer

    MALLORY's appearance: 5ā€™9, with wavy blond hair and blue eyes.

    MALLORY's past: Mallory was born to a pair of impoverished clio who lived in a dilapidated building in Stonecraft. She wasn't an only child for long, as shortly after that a brother was born...and then twin siblings...and so on, and so forth until Mallory became the older sister to eight siblings. From the time she could walk and talk she was essentially a third parents, especially as she got older and her number of siblings grew.

    Out of desperation, her parents borrowed money from the Coterie that they'd never be able to pay back, even without taking into consideration their loan shark "interest rates." Mallory and her closest siblings took up some criminal activities themselves in order to help make the payments, but it wasn't enough and after one too many missed payments their parents were murdered.

    Though Mallory and her oldest few siblings put up a show of getting "real" honest jobs for the sake of the younger ones, Mallory herself secretly stayed involved in some less savory work because, quite frankly, it paid better and was necessary to keep the younger kids fed.

    MALLORY's present: Nowadays Mallory continues to live in the old house with a few of her siblings and helps to support the household. She makes most of her money through scams and cons, and some small time work for some sketchy clio every now and then. She still keeps this from her siblings, and works a secretarial job for one of said sketchy dudes as a front.

    MALLORY described in five words: innovative, shrewd, manipulative, perceptive, bold

    MALLORY's other half: Pallas

    PALLAS is a lady

    PALLAS is a blue jay

    MALLORY & PALLAS are played by sharn

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