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    Luce looks an awful lot like Cara Delevingne

    Luce's appearance: About 5'6 with long dirty blonde hair and green eyes.

    Luce's past: Luce's mother, Aurora, was a poor young girl who grew up on the streets of Stonecraft City. Aurora was given a bad lot in life, and was frequently abused and taken advantage of due to her vulnerability as a young homeless girl. When she found herself pregnant, Aurora found support in a girl she had met only recently, Aran, who helped her escape from her life in Stonecraft and start building something new in Solas. Eventually Aurora and Aran developed a romantic relationship, and when Luce was born, Aran took care of her like she was her own. At some point Aurora discovered that Luce's biological father had died.

    Luce had a very different childhood from her mother and step-mom. She grew up on the Solas Estate, where her step-mom lived and worked. Her parents made sure she was educated and taught how to defend herself, so that she wouldn't ever have to struggle like they had. She also formed a close friendship with Kinley, the daughter of the Solas overloridian, and sees her as family.

    Luce's present: As much as her parents emphasized education and career goals, Luce finds school boring and would rather go to the city and stay out late having fun rather than studying. She figures she's got the rest of her life to work, so she's going to have fun now while she can. She's talented with her eilemaiden and knows how to defend herself. She also knows how to use her looks and charm to get what she wants.

    Luce described in five words: worldly, street-smart, manipulative, self-indulgent, confident

    Luce's other half: Tuli

    Tuli is a boy

    Tuli is a blue morpho butterfly

    Luce & Tuli are played by sharn

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