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    mateo tomàs emiliano lorenz

    Post by Mateo Lorenz on Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:53 am

    mateo tomàs emiliano lorenz
    cuir | twenty-six | boy

    mateo looks an awful lot like christopher mason

    mateo's appearance: Standing at 6'3", Mateo has a lean frame with a build that reflects the amount of time he spends at the gym (which is a lot). His hair is dirty blond, long enough to pull back into a small bun, and often messy. His eyes are a dull hazel, and scruffy facial hair emphasizes his jawline.

    mateo's past: Mateo was the second Lorenz sibling of what would eventually become nine (which Mateo believes would have been even higher if his parents hadn't been killed). Mateo and his older sister Mallory quickly became caretakers of not only themselves but also their new siblings, who seemed to arrive every year or so for the next decade.

    While Mateo got fairly close with the siblings near his age, he grew more distant over time and eventually took out his anger and frustration on the younger siblings in order to make himself feel bigger. Mateo was thoroughly unhappy with his parents (or lack thereof), with having to take on so much responsibility so young, with losing out on a true childhood because he had to grow up so fast -- and instead of talking through his problems or bonding with his family members who were experiencing the same things, he bottled everything up, put on a front that he didn't care about anything or anyone, and occasionally erupted in fits of rage.

    Regardless of the way he treated his family members externally, Mateo's actions (like doing all that he could in order to make sure the family had food, money for bills, school supplies, and sometimes even a little bit extra for fun when they could afford it) showed that he truly did care for them, which is likely why they all dealt with him.

    mateo's present: After Mateo and his siblings lost their parents to crime lords, the family decided to switch to doing "honest" work -- though everyone seemed to define this a bit differently. Mateo may be the only one taking this seriously, as he's committed himself to only doing legal (yet sometimes morally/ethically ambiguous in some clios' eyes) work to make sure the household stays afloat, and to save for pursuing an education in engineering (a passion of his that he's kept on the down low).

    In his older age (ha, he's not that old), he's started to realize that he was a huge jerk to a lot of his siblings and has decided to attempt to right the wrongs of his pubescent years (and all the time between then and now that he can't blame on puberty). Because of his shallow/manipulative/loose-bonding nature, he's found that clio don't necessarily trust him when he tries to show them that he cares -- but he'll continue to try!

    mateo described in five words: assertive, confident, opportunistic, social, ambitious

    mateo's other half: aegir

    aegir is a lady

    aegir is a basenji

    mateo & aegir are played by luca

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