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    Post by Jude Wren on Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:51 pm

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    Jude looks an awful lot like Dylan Minnette

    Jude's appearance: He is 5'8" with blue eyes and brown hair.

    Jude's past: Jude has a twin brother named Davi$ and a younger brother named Julian. His father is the overloridian of Deilig, and his mom was a stay at home mom. Jude and his twin brother definitely took after their father who is a big jokester, much to their mother's exasperation. They were (and still are) fans of pretending to be each other and confusing the employees of the Deilig estate.

    While his younger years were carefree and full of humor and mischief, when he and Davi$ started attending Redfern they realized that there was a major stigma against Deilig. He had never felt sheltered before, but being surrounded by peers who thought Deilig was dangerous made him realize that his parents had been protecting them from a lot.

    Jude's present: Jude is now in his fifth year at Redfern. Every once in awhile he still meets a jerk that is prejudice against Deilig but for the most part clio have realized that Jude and Davi$ aren't anything like the sterotyped Deilig.

    He is very close with his twin and they are both known as pranksters at their school. They don't do very well in their classes but it isn't because they aren't smart--quite the opposite, actually. They don't enjoy being restricted and grow very bored with classwork, but they excel on tests (if they actually put in the effort to sit still and finish it).

    Jude described in five words: mischievous, intelligent, charismatic, passionate, disobedient

    Jude's other half: Myrcella

    Myrcella is a girlie

    Jude & Myrcella are played by squabby bobby

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