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    elinnéa nathalie bloom

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    elinnéa nathalie bloom
    unsettled | seventeen | lady

    nea looks an awful lot like kiko mizuhara

    nea's appearance: 5'9", sleek chocolate brunette hair that reaches just above her shoulders and matches her eye color, thin frame.

    nea's past: Nea was born into a small nomadic family that refused to participate in the use of eilemaidens or ruling power of overloridians due to their strongly-held beliefs that the origins of star pieces were evil and sinful. Needless to say, when Nea was born and her whisp glowed a bright color that signified her fate as the future Solas overloridian, her family took drastic caution and settled down in a cottage on Annerb island in order to isolate themselves and 'protect' (hide) Nea.

    Nea -- who was raised alongside her cousins by her parents, aunt and uncle, and grandmother -- learned from her family that star pieces were cursed, that using the powers granted by star pieces was an act of temptation and greed, and that the religion's deities were testing clio with eilemaidens as sin.

    Regardless, Nea found a strong curiosity and satisfaction in her seemingly-natural ability to control and manipulate eilemaidens, and often escaped by herself to explore her abilities in spite of her family's teachings. Whether she was caught in the act or her parents simply suspected that she was using her abilities, she was punished for her sin. Punishments including being locked outside for extended periods of time, restriction of food and water, whippings, and other abusive tactics utilized by her family to 'show her the way of truth.'

    nea's present: To this day, Nea is clueless about her fate as the future Solas overloridian -- but she has developed an amateur hold on the Solas eilemaiden, which she has always favored. She still faces abuse from her family (who do not consider it to be abuse), and has become quite rebellious against them.

    While she has considered running away many times throughout her life, she has always stayed because of the loving relationships that she has developed with her cousins, and also to help protect them from abuse from their family (which has generally been directed most at Nea).

    nea described in five words: rebellious, spontaneous, passionate, curious, intuitive

    nea's other half: alrik

    alrik is a boy

    nea & alrik are played by lukas

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