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    the before ;; sage

    Post by Alaska Angelo on Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:01 pm

    It was the day after the students had returned from their fall excursion to Nadar. Sage had been acting strange and distant the whole way back to Martha's Vineyard, and as they had been unloading off the boat, he had gotten Ali alone to ask her to meet him somewhere private and without Nolan. She had thought it weird that he didn't want Nolan tagging along, but she respected his wishes.

    That was why Ali found herself sitting on a blanket on a somewhat warm October day at the beach. It wasn't very crowded. Just a few clio here and there, combing the beach for seashells and beach glass. She had laid down a blanket, and sat with her knees bent, using them to prop up her arms as she watched the waves and clio go by, waiting for her best friend to arrive.

    A chilly breeze blew, tousling her hair, and she pulled the sweater she was wearing tightly around her. Despite the chill, she loved this kind of weather, and it was welcoming after being on the hot and humid island for the weekend.

    Ali turned when she saw a smudge of black in the corner of her eye, then smiled when she recognized Sage's dark hair blowing in the wind. She lifted her hand in the air and began to wave him over.

    Ali's outfit because I like doing this:
    She's not wearing these heals though, just regular white ked-like tennis shoes, also she doesn't have a purse, she's also not wearing sunglasses

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