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    is this real life :: lotus

    Post by Wilder Nightsong on Wed Oct 24, 2018 9:45 pm

    Wil was eating. Probably one of the best things, she thought, about this whole crazy thing, was that she and Grey and Lotus now had a literally endless supply of food. And she could eat it literally whenever she wanted.

    She ate pizza in bed, she ate strawberries in the bath. Yesterday she had eaten a doughnut as she sat in on a meeting with Grey and Noor about the different districts of Dian. Noor wouldn’t let her touch any papers because of her jellied fingers.

    She also had a secret stash of canned items in the back of her large, walk in closet. Old habits died hard.

    Currently she was eating some sort of apple tart (made especially for her by the chef) as she sat in a greenhouse on the Dian estate’s massive grounds. She took a bite of the tart, resisted drooling, and then looked behind her as she heard the glass door cream open. Lotus walked in, looking as handsome as ever.

    “Lotus! Come have a bite of this!” She waved him over eagerly. She’d just been repotting some of her favorite flowers before she’d taken a little snack break.

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    Re: is this real life :: lotus

    Post by Lotus (Spenser Reyes) on Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:18 pm

    Lotus was eternally grateful for Wil and Grey. They had barely the clothes on their back when they had taken him in. Wil could have left him to die on the street, Grey could have forced him to leave their tiny apartment, and yet they (mostly Wil) had accepted him and allowed him to join their small family. Now he was living inside of a gigantic, lavish, Overloridian estate. Sometimes he'd just wander the halls, exploring the rooms and getting lost in the many twists and turns. He couldn't be too sure, but he felt that his life was never this... expensive. Not even the before.

    Ever since they moved into the estate, Wil and Lotus had been spending a lot more time together. Whenever she wasn't sitting in on meetings with Grey, she was with Lotus, and he realized how happy that made him. Whoever he was in his past, he felt that no matter what he would have fallen for Wil. He was pretty sure that she felt the same way, but neither one had ever admitted to the other out loud. Lotus had decided that today would be the day.

    It was easy to figure out where Wil was. She loved the greenhouses, and that was where he found her. When he slid through the door, Lotus grinned as Wil called out to him, and he hobbled over, leaning on his cane for support.

    "What is it?" He asked, as he studied the tasty little pastry that Wil held in her hand.

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