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    Noor Amala Karim Batel

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    Noor looks an awful lot like Sofia Boutella

    Noor's appearance: . Noor is 5'7 with long black hair, and dark brown eyes.

    Noor's past: Noor is an orphan of the Great War of Amelia. When she was a very young child, her parents, Amala and Noah Karim, lived in Deilig. They spoke out against the horrific rule of Overloridian Kole Roden, and were promptly arrested and executed. Noor was young enough to be spared the same fate, but was instead sent to be raised at a "re-education" camp. Thankfully she didn't suffer there too long, as it wasn't long after that Deilig was liberated by the other eilemaiden.

    After that, Noor was sent to an orphanage in the city, where she caught the eye of the Dian overloridian who had been raised in the very same orphanage. Tamar decided to take the young girl under her wing and raise her as her own. From then on, Noor's luck completely changed. After a childhood of horror, she now recieved the very best education and upbringing any child could ask for. Her adoptive mother instilled in her values she believed were the foundation of Dian itself: Strength, loyalty, leadership. After she settled at sixteen, she served in the Dian military and developed a great rapport with her fellow soldiers.

    Noor's present: As an adult, Noor now serves as Tamar's advisor, as well as being a high-ranking military officer. Unlike her abrasive and un-charismatic mother, Noor is rather popular with many of the Dian clio. She also gets along well with the overloridians of Dian's close allies, Solas and Deilig, and their families. She cares deeply for Dian and feels it is her duty to protect it.

    Noor described in five words: strong, loyal, a leader, dutiful, controlling

    Noor's other half: Ferran

    Ferran is a boy

    Ferran is a crab eating macaque

    Noor & Ferran are played by sharn

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