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    theodore andrew waters levis

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    Theo looks an awful lot like Taron Egerton

    Theo's appearance: brown hair, gray eyes, about 5'10".

    Theo's past: Theo grew up with loving parents in the city of Lilycove. His parents were self-made, and the family owned a small but flourishing beauty boutique in the shopping district. One day, seven year old Theo was playing in the back room as his mom and dad were closing down the shop. He doesn't remember much of what happened next, except that there was a lot of noise from the store. Instead of going out there to see what was going on, Theo hid.

    A man and a woman came into the back of the shop and stole a bunch of things that hadn't made it to the store front yet, and then left. Theo hid for a long time after they left, fearing the worst. His fears were realized when he finally crept to the storefront and saw both his parents lying in pools of their own blood.

    Neither of his parents had family that he knew about, so Theo was taken into foster care where he was passed around for the next several years. His time in foster care hardened him, and he learned how to be resourceful and not rely on anyone.

    Theo's present: Two years ago, at the age of fourteen, Theo was finally adopted. It was a peculiar situation--most older kids were adopted by their foster families or ended up aging out of the system, but Theo was plucked out of foster care by a man he had never met.

    He now lives with Jack, his adoptive father. Once he moved in with him he started attending school regularly for the first time. The first two years he lived with Jack he went to a local school in Earalas so that Jack could have more time with him, but Theo constantly made excuses about why he needed to be out of the house.

    He got into a lot of trouble in Earalas with the kids he started hanging out with, which helped Theo talk Jack into letting him go to Redfern this year. Theo is ready to start over in a new environment, believing he will be happier on his own.

    Theo described in five words: defiant, resourceful, abrasive, pessimistic, stubborn

    Theo's other half: Panda

    Panda is a girly

    Theo & Panda are played by squabby bobby

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