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    unsettled | fifteen | dude

    Wren looks an awful lot like Josh Hutcherson

    Wren's appearance: 5'5", brown hair, brown eyes

    Wren's past: Wren has a mama, a dad, and an older half sister named Emma. He has always been very close to his family, and he enjoys spending time with them. He really looks up to his older sister, and when he was younger he used to get sad when she would leave for the weekend. She would always share the cool stuff she brought home though, so that was cool.

    Wren was often jealous of Emma's other half sibling Camille, who got to see Emma on those weekends she was missing from his house.

    Wren's present: Wren attends Redfern now, and a new element to his life has arisen--Camille, the girl with whom he shares Emma. He was often jealous of her growing up, though he didn't know her. Nowadays he sees her often as they are the same age.

    At school, Wren is a bit of a floater. He doesn't do sports (much to his mother's disappointment) or get amazing grades or have any artistic or musical talents. He finds it easy to make friends, however, and talks to clio from all of the school cliques.

    Wren described in five words: outgoing, absentminded, sensitive, clumsy, submissive

    Wren's other half: Sounder

    Sounder is a boyo

    Wren & Sounder are played by squabby bobby

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