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    Oren Eli Pendant

    Post by Oren Pendant on Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:07 pm

    Oren Eli Pendant

    Oren looks an awful lot like Logan Lerman

    Oren's appearance: . Oren is 5'8 with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

    Oren's past: Oren was born to Marisol and Liam Pendant, along with his twin brother Milo. The two had an exciting childhood, always being taken on adventures by their parents. Milo was always more wacky and outgoing than Oren, earning him more attention, which lead to some resentment early on. However as Oren grew up he got over this and took on a caring and protective role for his crazy and quirky twin.

    Oren's present: Oren is very mature for his fourteen years, possibly to compensate for Milo's childishness. He's very studious and is the top of the fourth year class, in addition to taking advanced classes. He still looks out for Milo and protects him from bullies, though Milo seems pretty much oblivious to the meanness of some of their classmates. Admittedly he does get frustrated with Milo's antics pretty often, but he's still his best friend.

    While he's not the daredevil his mother was as a teenager, he does love nature and the outdoors.

    Oren described in five words: mature, overprotective, sardonic, standoffish, caring

    Oren's other half: Pepper

    Pepper is a girl

    Oren & Pepper are played by sharn

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