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    Camille June Dennison

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    Camille June Dennison

    Cami looks an awful lot like Zoe Kravitz

    Cami's appearance: . Camille is 5'4 with long black hair and dark brown eyes.

    Cami's past: Camille was born to parents Cara Dennison and Caleb Snow. The two were together for a while, but the relationship was always toxic and full of screaming matches, and so they eventually broke up for good. Her mom got custody, with her dad having weekend visits, though at least once a month he would fail to pick her up. On the weekends he did show, he would spend most of the visit badmouthing Cara. Cami wound up playing with her half-sister Emma most of the time, rather than spending any real quality time with their father.

    Cami's present: Nowadays, Emma is the only reason Cami even wants anything to do with her father's family. Her and her mom are very similar in personality, which leads to either them getting along great some days, and having huge arguments other days. Her mom is not remarried, but currently has a boyfriend.

    Cami is an average student at Redfern, but enjoys and is decently good at creative outlets such as art. She is usually involved in school drama in some way, and is a pretty big gossip when she's not involved. On weekends, she would rather party than study.

    Cami described in five words: dramatic, hot-tempered, social, creative, fearless

    Cami's other half: Verde

    Verde is a boyo

    Cami & Verde are played by sharn

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