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    dian | twenty-six | man

    Nate looks an awful lot like Nick Bateman

    Nate's appearance: 6'3", dark hair, brown eyes, SEXY

    Nates's past: Nate grew up with two parents who were in Dian's military. He was but a young lad when the Amelian War happened, and was raised for a time by his Aunt Olivia while both his parents were fighting against Deilig. In the war his father lost his both hearing and the use of his legs, so growing up Nate learned and became fluent in ASL (Amelian Sign Language).

    In school he was very outgoing and attention seeking. He has always enjoyed being the center of attention, and was definitely a leader in his friend group. He participated in many sports and was constantly training to keep himself in top physical shape. He was always very proud of his parents, and despite his parents reassuring him often that he was not expected in any way to take after their choice of career, Nate grew up dreaming of being a soldier just like them.

    Nate's present: Indeed, once Nate settled at seventeen he chose Dian and expressed interest in joining the army. He adhered to his parents wishes and withheld from joining for another year so that he could finish school, but the day after graduation he enlisted.

    Since then he has steadily risen through the ranks and now serves as something high ranking that I don't know the title of because I don't know that much about the military. He has never regretted his decision, and has always been proud of his work defending and protecting Dian and her clio.

    He is well respected in the army and elsewhere, and despite being very demanding and focused, he is also very fun-loving and charismatic.

    Nate described in five words: dedicated, stubborn, hierarchical, sassy, demanding, playful

    Nate's other half: Tulle

    Tulle is a lady

    Tulle is a siberian husky

    Nate & Tulle are played by squabby bobby

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