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    elias nicholas kappo-selway

    Post by Elias Kappo-Selway on Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:10 am

    elias nicholas kappo-selway
    dian | eighteen | man

    elias looks an awful lot like carlos ortiz

    elias's appearance: 5'10", dark brown/almost black curly hair and matching dark brown eyes, impressive eyebrows (though he doesn't think so)

    elias's past: Elias was the only child of happily and recently married Henrik Selway and Estela Kappo. While Elias was never very social with his peers, he had a unique bond with each of his parents -- he considered his father to be the perfect role model and aspired to be just like him, and his mother showed him how to love unconditionally and appreciate the world around him.

    Elias knew his father was always overly-concerned for the safety of their family, including his Uncle Nils' and Aunt Paisley's family, but Elias never knew why as a child. Growing up, some seemingly random dangers came up here and there -- petty crimes, robberies, a few kidnapping scares -- but it wasn't until his mother was taken when Elias was fourteen that his father revealed his distant, as well as more recent, past with Amelia's criminal underground. Everything Elias thought he knew about his father changed, and he ultimately blamed him for the loss of his mother.

    elias's present: Elias has become increasingly guarded since the violent kidnapping of his mother, and has more recently given up on the hope that she may someday return. His relationship with his father is practically non-existent (by his own choice, and to the dismay of his father) and any communication between the two tends to be argumentative and judgmental (again, by his choice). His familial relationships with his cousins, aunt, and uncle have also suffered, though not as greatly.

    A few years ago, his father sent him to Redfern Academy to be with his cousins and peers, but instead Elias has become close with Finley, a now-25-year-old dropout who his family doesn't exactly approve of. At 17, Elias settled in Dian -- something he somewhat resents because he knows that it is rooted in the fact that his father trained him so heavily in using that Eilemaiden.

    Even though he excels at academics, he only truly invests himself in courses that he cares about, which tend to be in the arts. He can often be found skipping class with Finley, or spending too much time on a few projects in order to make them perfect.

    elias described in five words: withdrawn, independent, confident, determined, stubborn

    elias's other half: rhiannon

    rhiannon is a lady

    rhiannon is a wolverine

    elias & rhiannon are played by luke

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