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    RUBY looks an awful lot like ZENDAYA

    RUBY's appearance: About 5' 10", brown eyes, brown hair, slender build

    RUBY's past: When Ruby was born her wisp glowed the color blue, indicating that fate had chosen her to be the next Overloridian of Ughdarras. Around the age of five, her parents decided that she should meet Aspen Flint, the overloridian of Ughdarras at the time. Aspen decided that she and her family should live with him, so that they could be protected and so that he could take little Ruby under his wing and train her to be the best overloridian she could. Aspen became like a second father to her, and she grew to be very close to him.

    While she got plenty of training from Aspen, he and her parents agreed that she should also grow up to have as much of a childhood as she could. They even sent her to a local school in Ughdarras, where she met her best friend, Briar. While Ruby was always the quiet, reserved one, Briar was always the outspoken one, ready to take on anybody who wanted to bully her best friend.

    When Ruby settled a little late at the age of 17, it was devastating to lose Aspen. She had trained her whole life for this to happen, but it didn't make it any less hard on her. To this day she still thinks about him from time to time, and feels a little pang of sadness in the pit of her belly.

    RUBY's present: Today, Ruby is the Overloridian of Ughdarras. Briar is still her best friend and she tries to spend as much time with her as she can when she isn't busy with her overloridian duties. She is still a bit on the quiet and shy side, but it's like she's a different clio when she's doing her job. She tries to model herself after Aspen, and will always look up to him.

    Her parents no longer share a home with her in the estate, but she tries to visit them as much as she can.  She still lives in the same estate that Aspen lived in, and sometimes it can be a bit lonely living in that big old estate, even with advisors and house staff making their way in and out on a daily basis.

    Ruby tries to enjoy herself sometimes, but is usually worrying about work when she's out with friends. She's never really had very many romantic relationships because of this, and quite honestly as accepted the fact that she's going to die a spinster.


    RUBY's other half: MONTY

    MONTY is a MAN


    RUBY & MONTY are played by BSNOWBALL

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