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    Post by Briar Essen on Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:16 pm

    adhbhar | twenty-four | lady

    Briar looks an awful lot like Lily James

    Briar's appearance: 5'8", blonde hair, brown eyes

    Briar's past: Briar grew up in Ughdarras, near the Ughdarras estate. She went to a local school there, where she met Ruby, the girl destined to become the overloridian of their home eilemaiden. The two girls became quick friends, though they were almost as opposite as could be.

    Throughout school Briar felt very protective of Ruby, who was passive and conflict avoidant. Briar had no trouble getting into fights with clio, and wouldn't back down unless she got the last word in with peers (and adults, alike).

    Briar realized very early on that she wasn't attracted to just one gender, but thanks to her supportive parents and best friend (as well as her own self-confidence and assertiveness) she never felt out of place. Growing up, she had several high school flings, and enjoyed her various sexual encounters very much, but never found herself feeling any sort of romantic feelings for any of them.

    Briar's present: Today Briar works at Redfern where she is a sex ed teacher and a sports coach. Students at Redfern often come to Briar to confide in her about various things, and Briar takes pride in knowing they are comfortable enough to talk so openly with her. She has become somewhat of an unofficial guidance counselor in this way, and enjoys it. The kids know that when they come to her everything they say is confidential, but also that she won't sugarcoat her advice.

    She is always up for a good time, and most of her peers get along with her. She often goes out to the bars with them on the weekends, but her only close friend remains the now Ughdarras overloridian, Ruby. She constantly pressures Ruby to come visit MV and come out with her and her teacher friends whenever Ruby has the time, and loves to get her drunk.

    Briar described in five words: blunt, assertive, flexible, extroverted, loose-bonding

    Briar's other half: Kesper

    Kesper is a boyo

    Kesper is a grevy's zebra

    Briar & Kesper are played by squabby bobby

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