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    finley dean grayson

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    finley dean grayson
    nadar | twenty-five | woman

    finley looks an awful lot like nettie harris

    finley's appearance: 5'7", waist-length reddish strawberry-blonde hair with thick bangs, hazel-blue eyes

    finley's past: Finley grew up very poor and generally on the move with her teen mother, Tilly, who sometimes claimed that Finley was the result of a well-thought out scheme against big-time crook Yuri Vetrov, and other times said she was just an accident. Yuri was never around anyway -- Finley was never sure if he knew about her, or was even alive anymore -- and she frankly was never very concerned with the truth behind her conception.

    Because of Tilly's immaturity, addiction, and dependence on random men, Finley has been dragged all around Amelia by her mother, but has ultimately taken care of herself since she was very young. While Finley is perfectly content on her own, she's also very socially aware and has learned how to use that to her advantage.

    As soon as Tilly could, she sent Finley off to Redfern, which was the last time Finley and her mother saw each other. Aside from occasional letters that she's received from Tilly asking for financial or legal help, the two no longer communicate.

    After a few years at Redfern, Finley realized that school wasn't her thing -- no surprise since she'd taught herself practically everything she knew -- but she stayed at Martha's Vineyard and developed her own client base for light drug dealing and other miscellaneous underground work.

    finley's present: Finley continues her underground work, finding pretty consistent business with upperclass Redfern students. She has become a well-known individual around the Academy for her approachable and giving nature, friendliness, and flirty personality ( relation to her dealing). This income allows her to spend time as she pleases, which often includes lounging with her close friends and exploring what Amelia's nature has to offer.

    Finley doesn't have many plans for her future, and intends to take life as it comes to her. She chooses her friends wisely, and while she tends to look out for herself above all else, she also has a tendency to fill a mentoring role to younger clio, which she finds great satisfaction in.

    finley described in five words: carefree, confident, resourceful, charming, methodical

    finley's other half: rumi

    rumi is a lady

    rumi is a tiger

    finley & rumi are played by luke

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