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    james washington levis-sparkes

    Post by James Levis-Sparkes on Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:13 pm


    JAMEY looks an awful lot like ANSEL ELGORT

    JAMEY's appearance: 6' 3", dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, athletic build

    JAMEY's past: Eighteen years ago, Jamey was orphaned as a new born during the war against Deilig. He lived in the Flint Orphanage where he was named James or Jamey by one of the employees that took care of the children. When he was about five, he was adopted by Lysander Sparkes and Nora Levis. His father decided that he would let him pick his own middle name and that is how he wound up with such a unique one.

    His father was the owner of a prestigious restaurant in Lillycove, and his mother was a renowned neurologist, so he grew up quite comfortably to put it lightly. He was spoiled rotten, and knew how to get what he wanted without being a brat. All he had to do was give his mom or dad that puppy dog look and they'd melt like butter.

    Both of his parents worked a lot, so he grew up with nannies for a while until he was old enough to attend Redfern. Of course, his parents were a part of his life as much as they possibly could, and when they weren't working they were trying to spend time with their son.

    JAMEY's present: Jamey is currently a senior at Redfern Academy, excited and ready to graduate. He's popular, and knows how to get what he wants. If things don't go his way, he will find a different route to get there, whether it hurts somebody or not. He deserves everything, after all. He does well in school, almost effortlessly, but doesn't really care for classes. He'd much rather be partying, or hanging out with the other rich kids at Redfern.

    He likes to stay fit and active, and is a member of the swim team at school. Everything else about his life is perfect, so he has to keep his body perfect too.

    At home, he gets along well with his parents. He still has a way to get what he wants out of them, but is the perfect gentleman when he does it.


    JAMEY's other half: ALMA

    ALMA is a FEMALE

    ALMA is a SERVAL

    JAMEY & ALMA are played by BSNOWBALL

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