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    paisley jane sommers

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    nadar | forty | lady

    Paisley looks like an older Candice Accola

    Paisley's appearance: 5'5", blue eyes, blonde hair

    Paisley on TAR: Paisley is the overloridian of Nadar, and has always taken her job as such very seriously. She grew up in Earalas with her father and step-mother (who she considers to be her real mom), and has two younger brothers named Max and Paydon. She settled at 16, took over a very secluded and self-sufficient eilemaiden, and spent most of her free time working to unite Nadar with the mainland (she also has a serious knack for gardening).

    When she was 22 she met Nils (her future husband) and Henri Selway, two brothers on the run from a criminal organization. She provided them with safety and eventually, with the help of another clio escaped from the same organization, took down the organization for good. Paisley also helped organize a secret rescue mission save several Redfern students in the Deilig War, one of which was her own younger brother. Her troops were among the several others that wrestled control from the Deilig soldiers after the overloridian was assassinated.

    Paisley's present: After the war ended, Paisley went on to marry Nils Selway, the man she had rescued from Nadar's shores a year prior. She became pregnant on their wedding night, and she stayed pregnant for the next three years (they be baby makin' fiends). Today she has three children aged 17, 16, and 15: Senna, Henri2, and Poppy.

    She still serves as overloridian of Nadar, but these days the job seems like a piece of cake compared to her youth. Nadar has flourished under her leadership, and it has a big industry for food and medicinal plants, as well as serving as a popular tourist location.

    Paisley described in five words: kind, confident, adventurous, patient, genuine

    Paisley's other half: Chevron

    Chevron is a boy

    Chevron is a Sand Cat

    Paisley & Chevron are played by squabby bobby

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