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    remy elisabeth (monroe) sterling

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    earalas | forty | lady

    Remy looks like an older Frankie Stanford

    Remy's appearance: 5'6", brown eyes, dark hair

    Remy on TAR: Remy grew up on the streets of Earalas with her mother Elisabeth, who was only fifteen years older than Remy, herself. Elisabeth worked many odd jobs trying to keep herself and her daughter afloat, but many nights they went cold and hungry. Remy learned a lot about life on the streets, and her childhood not only forced her to grow up quickly, but also taught her to demand respect and to have dignity in the worst of circumstances.

    At nineteen Remy found herself knocking on the newly settled Earalas overloridian's door, looking for a job. Never in her wildest dreams would she have even considered securing the position she still enjoys to this day: an adviser to the overloridian, himself. The charming but devious boy-king grated Remy's nerves quite often, but through the years they settled into a fun rapport that eventually led to a near familial bond.

    Eventually Remy's mother passed away, leaving her with Hadley as her only friend. The relationship between the two grew deeper and, after a long and twisted road, the two fell in love. Of course they waited to do it until a war was brewing, but isn't it the small surprises in life that make things fun? Along the way Hadley was blinded on orders from a mad-man, Remy fell pregnant with a completely unplanned baby, and several other exciting things happened.

    Remy's present: Today Remy and Hadley are happily married, but they didn't make it to this point without more tragedy. Hadley's younger sister Solange passed away from a sudden accident, leaving Remy and Hadley to raise her young daughter. In the years since, they have raised Natalie as their own, alongside their daughter Mollie.

    These days Remy has trouble with both of her children, despite loving each of them desperately. With Mollie, everything came naturally; the two have always been interested in the same things, and their personalities are quite similar. Unfortunately, they're a little too similar for a teenager's liking. Lately Mollie has been distancing herself from her mother, much to Remy's dismay.

    The bond Remy shared with Natalie has always been a bit difficult, not because of blood, but because of personality. From early on Natalie refused to wear dresses and would throw fits whenever Remy tried to get her children to sit still for family portraits. Remy tried to be patient with her, but it has always been hard for the two to relate to each other. She has always been proud of the head-strong attitudes both her daughters share, but it hurts her when they use it against her.

    Remy described in five words: intelligent, resourceful, narcissistic, loyal, hard-working

    Remy's other half: Vex

    Vex is a boy

    Vex is a Tiger Quoll

    Remy & Vex are played by squabby bobby

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