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    henrik elias selway

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    henrik elias selway
    dian | forty-one | man

    henri looks like an older kit harington

    henri's appearance: 5'11", dark brown eyes, black hair

    henri on TAR: Henri and his younger brother Nils were kidnapped and forced to work for an underground crime organization at ages 7 and 9, only managing to escape a lengthy ten years later. After moving around Amelia for a few years and getting by any way that they could while staying on the run from the crime ring they'd escaped, Henri and Nils found help and a lasting friendship with Nadar overloridian Paisley Sommers, who eventually helped them take down the criminal organization. Also helping to execute the plan was Petra Lovison, who Henri and Nils had left behind when escaping but had since been reunited with.

    Soon after, Henri and Petra parted (further complicating an already broken relationship and history) and he met a young woman named Estela Kappo completely by chance. The two immediately connected, quickly falling in love and moving in together. Not long after, Estela was pregnant, the two got married, and their child Elias Kappo-Selway was born. Meanwhile, Nils and Paisley were also getting married and having children of their own.

    henri's present: Henri and Estela only fell deeper in love as time went on and they raised Elias together alongside Nils' and Paisley's children. Nonetheless, Henri was always paranoid that the criminal organization they'd taken down would somehow resurface and come after him and his family, making him a bit overprotective. He wasn't always wrong though, and the family had a few run-ins with criminals from his various past experiences.

    Around fourteen years after Elias was born, Estela was kidnapped from their home. While Elias was there to witness the violent crime, Henri was at work -- something he has always regretted. Knowing how dangerous it could be to try and find Estela, Henri felt that he had to make a choice: go after her and abandon his son, or stay with his family on Nadar.

    Henri chose to stay on Nadar, which Elias completely disagreed with. His relationship with his son has since become extremely fractured, and they no longer live together as he sent Elias to Redfern Academy to be with his cousins. Henri has stayed close with Nils and Paisley, as well as their children, and actively tries to repair his relationship with his son.

    henri described in five words: protective, adaptable, responsible, stoic, resourceful

    henri's other half: rian

    rian is genderqueer

    rian is a darwin's fox

    henri & rian are played by lucas

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