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    hadley christian sterling

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    Hadley looks like an older Mika

    Hadley's appearance: Hadley is 5’9 with curly brown hair and brown eyes.

    Hadley on TAR: Hadley was raised by parents who weren’t interested in parenting, so he didn’t have much guidance or direction growing up. He also cared for his little sister, Solange, since their parents couldn’t be bothered. At sixteen, he settled and found out he was the overloridian of Earalas. Taking a teenager who had grown up without guidance or direction and handing him all the power in the world very nearly created a monster, and Hadley became a very selfish, arrogant and careless clio.

    Hadley continued down this destructive path until he was 21, when he attempted to antagonize the crazy overloridian of Deilig, Kole Roden. Kole responded by having Hadley beaten half to death, resulting in him losing his eyesight. Hadley had to adjust to an entirely new life, re-learning how to perform basic tasks, and relying heavily on the help of his advisor Remy Monroe. This changed him emotionally, and he slowly began to develop into a more empathetic clio. He grew very close to Remy during this adjustment period and wound up falling in love with her.

    Eventually, war broke out with Deilig, resulting in the death of Hadley’s parents among others. Hadley and the other overloridians were able to prevail, and Hadley and Remy celebrated the end of the war with the arrival of their surprise baby, Mollie, followed shortly by a wedding.

    Hadley's present: After five years of enjoying family life with Remy, tragedy once again struck.  Hadley’s younger sister, who for much of his early life was the only clio he had cared about besides himself, died in an accident. This event shook Hadley to his core, and he spent the better part of the year in a deep depression, hardly able to function. He eventually came out of this depression, but never fully recovered from his sister’s death. After this event, Hadley and Remy adopted Solange’s orphaned toddler daughter, Natalie.

    Nowadays, Hadley gets along pretty well with his two daughters. He and Mollie don’t have much in common, and though he always outwardly encourages her interests and passions, he’s secretly disappointed that most of her interests involve a visual medium. Nonetheless they get along fine. He and Nat share more interests, such as music and a love of causing trouble, and therefore seem to share a closer relationship. Sometimes Hadley subconsciously projects traits from Solange onto Natalie, but he doesn’t realize he does this.

    Hadley described in five words: charming, playful, opportunistic, intuitive, adaptable

    Hadley's other half: Nila

    Nila is a lady

    Nila is a raccoon

    Hadley & Nila are played by shorn

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