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    Petra looks like an older Teya Salat

    Petra's appearance: Petra is 5’6 with blonde hair, cold blue eyes, and a whole bunch of tattoos.

    Petra on TAR: Petra was kidnapped as a child by a criminal organization that specialized in taking children and forcing them into various crimes to make money. While forced to work for this horrific group, she befriended two brothers, Henrik and Nils. She even began a romance with Henrik once they were teenagers. However, one day Henrik and Nils escaped the organization, abandoning Petra in the process. This event combined with the brutal treatment of her captors hardened Petra into a remorseless criminal, and she eventually went after the brothers for revenge. Her plan was thwarted by the overloridian of Nadar, who ended up pardoning Petra and even helped her and Henrik take down the organization for good.

    Petra stayed in Nadar for a while, for a lack of anywhere else to go. Despite her dislike of Paisley and Nils, she did assist them in rescuing the kidnapped Redfern students. After this event, she decided to reconnect with her estranged sister Pia, and left Nadar for good to go live with her at Martha’s Vineyard.

    Petra's present:
    While living with Pia, Petra had a brief fling with an old friend, Cillian, from her criminal days, and ended up pregnant. She raised her son Axel with no help from Cillian, who was still heavily involved in crime, and a lot of help from Pia. She wasn’t the best mother, and she knows it, but she does love her son. She always felt that she had to be tough on him to prepare him for the world.

    When Axel was about eleven, she moved with him to Ughdarras where they’ve lived since. Petra works for Ughdarras’ shipping industry, content to work an honest job with her criminal days long behind her. Every so often she’s forced to deal with Cillian trying to pop back into their lives to start shit with them, but beyond that she lives a fairly peaceful life.

    Petra described in five words: Protective, tenacious, cynical, resilient, pragmatic

    Petra's other half: Tasia

    Tasia is a girl

    Tasia is a honey badger

    Petra & Tasia are played by shorn

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