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    Joel looks like an older Ollie Loudon

    Joel's appearance: Joel is six foot with dark curly hair and hazel eyes.

    Joel on TAR: Joel was raised in Deilig during the regime of Kole Roden, and his father was an ardent Kole supporter. His mother was a SAHM who wasn’t aware of the details of her husband’s work. Joel’s father was emotionally distant and worked long hours, while his mother was very warm and nurturing. Joel was raised to believe in his father’s work and the overloridian’s cause, and was even homeschooled to keep him from mingling with non-Deilig clio. He grew up in a very insular world and never questioned anything he’d been taught.

    As a young adult, Joel’s father got him a job working directly for the overloridian as a spy. His assignment was the overloridian of Adhbhar. It was Joel’s first time leaving his insular world, and it shocked him. The other eilemaiden, and the overloridian herself, were nothing like he’d been taught. Arizona, the Adhbhar overloridian, was a kind and fun-loving woman who cared about her clio deeply. As Joel grew closer to her, he couldn’t bear the deception, and confessed the truth to her. She forgave him and they fell in love, and he officially defected from Deilig.

    Eventually war broke out, and Arizona’s brother and his fiancée were killed, and Adhbhar fell. Arizona persisted, however, and eventually the war was won on their side. Joel’s father was tried for war crimes and sent to prison, and Joel brought his mother to live with him and Ari in Adhbhar. Nine months after the war’s end, they welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world.

    Joel's present: Joel and Ari were married before the birth of their daughter, Alaska. Not long after they welcomed a son, named for Ari’s late brother Ekavi. Due to Ari’s busy schedule, Joel decided to stay home with his children rather than work until Kavi started his first year at Redfern. Once both kids were in school, he became a history teacher at a local Adhbhar school.

    Joel is very close to his daughter, Allie. No matter how old she gets, she’s his little girl, and he’s very protective of her. His relationship with his son Kavi is much more strained. He always had different expectations for Allie versus Kavi, which Kavi found unfair. On top of that, Kavi is ashamed of his father’s past as a Deilig spy, a past that Joel has owned up to and never tried to hide. In spite of everything, Joel tries his best to be a good father and husband.

    Joel described in five words: Serious, reserved, responsible, honest, vigilant

    Joel's other half: Ampersand

    Ampersand is a girl

    Ampersand is a pademelon

    Joel & Ampersand are played by shorn

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