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    kristo meri lilas

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    kristo meri lilas
    earalas | twenty-seven | man

    kristo looks an awful lot like ben dahlhaus

    kristo's appearance: 6'2", hazel/sometimes blue eyes, blond-ish brown past-shoulder-length hair that is often up in a bun, close-shaven to long-beard facial hair that depends on his latest trim

    kristo's past: Kris had a decently "normal" childhood, being raised by his mother and father in Ughdarras. He had a few family members who served in the Deilig War, including his Uncle Jyrki, who not only taught him how to fight using the Earalas eilemaiden but also how to improvise, adapt, and learn from his surrounding areas and clio. Kristo's relationship with his uncle deepened when his mother and father divorced, and Kristo's uncle stuck around even when familial relationships got a bit messy and unpredictable.

    Kris felt so inspired by the genuine relationship he had built with his Uncle Jyrki that he yearned to develop his own mentoring relationships with younger clio as a role model and teacher, and so Kris pursued teaching at Redfern Academy on Martha's Vineyard.

    kristo's present: Kris has been teaching for a little over five years now, leading a couple of the introductory eilemaiden courses and the senior Earalas course. Kris often builds mutually-beneficial mentorship relationships with his students (even though many of them develop crushes on him, which he's learned to deal with), and has had the opportunity to see many of his star students graduate.

    Kris has developed relationships with a few teachers at Redfern but often keeps to himself and his daemon, as interacting with students all day can often tire him out socially. He is currently invested in seeking out friendships with his peers, and hopes to become less of a homebody.

    kristo described in five words: bright, charming, dynamic, respectful, daring

    kristo's other half: holst

    holst is non-binary

    holst is a yellow-footed rock wallaby

    kristo & holst are played by luca

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