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    amerie lila (lux) sommers

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    Amerie looks like an older Sarah Bolger

    Amerie's appearance: 5'2", pale blue eyes, brown hair.

    Amerie on TAR: Amerie was raised by two very overbearing and strict parents in Solas. From the moment she was born they began training her to become the next Solas overloridian. Instead of trying to have her be tutored by the previous overloridian, they took it upon themselves to hire several tutors and advisors that believed in their own elitist agenda. Up until her settledom, she'd never had any real contact with anyone outside of the world her parents had carefully constructed for her.

    Almost immediately after she settled Amerie met her first (and best) friend, Aran, when Aran came to apply to be her bodyguard. Her life changed for the better with Aran in it, and Amerie really began to flourish and come into her own with the confidence Aran helped instill in her.

    Eventually, Amerie was able to become strong enough (both physically and mentally) to stand up to her parents (who were leading her to make some terrible decisions), and with the help of a few new mentors and advisors, she was able to help Solas become a strong eilemaiden once again.

    But that all changed when the fire nation Deiligs attacked. Amerie was abducted in the early stages of the Deilig War, and was held as prisoner in Overloridian Kole Roden's estate. She was tortured in the months she was captive, and when she was eventually freed she had fallen to pieces. It took her many months to come out of a near catatonic state, and then many more to be able to begin to function, again, as the true overloridian of Solas.

    Amerie's present: Eventually, with the help of advisor Luka, best friend Aran, and mentor Tamar, Solas once again again began to flourish. A year after the war ended, Amerie met Max Sommers, a boy who had been kidnapped by Deilig on the attack on Redfern, while at group therapy for PTSD. The two, after many sessions, became friends. Eventually the friendship blossomed into something more, and three years after meeting the two were wed in a small ceremony on the Solas estate grounds.

    A few years after they married, Amerie and Max had a single child, a daughter, Kinley Aran. They raised their daughter under careful eyes, both parents extremely paranoid about the outside world and what could happen to their baby girl. Instead of becoming cautious like her parents, however, Kinley quickly gained a rebellious streak. Amerie often had a hard time with her daughter, but was thankful to have Aran there to help. Aran has a wife (Aurora) and step-daughter (Lucina) that Amerie also considers to be family. Both Kinley and Luce call each other's parents Aunts and Uncle.

    NICKNAME described in five words: cautious, caring, overbearing, intelligent, wary

    Amerie's other half: Caviar

    Caviar is a boyo

    Caviar is a Hermit Hummingbird

    Amerie & Caviar are played by squabby bobby

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