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    solas | forty | girlie

    Pia looks like an older Ulya Trukhina

    Pia's appearance: blonde, blue eyes, 5'8"

    Pia on TAR: Pia lived a relatively normal life up until the age of seven, when tragedy struck her little normal family. Her older sister Petra, while staying the night at a neighbor's, was kidnapped in the dead of night. The family whose house she was sleeping at were murdered and found dead the next morning, including the daughter Petra was friends with.

    After that, Pia was kept on lock-down. She was homeschooled by her father, while her mother entered into the Ughdarras task force and because a police officer. Pia was very lonely as she grew up, and was taught to be very cautious and wary of everything in the world. She felt very conflicted about her sister, which turned into guilt and resentment. Years after Petra was kidnapped, their father died by suicide.

    After settling, Pia moved to Martha's Vineyard and took up a job as a teacher. She'd always dreamed of attending Redfern, and this was her way of trying to get back a bit of her lost childhood. When she was twenty, it was discovered that her sister had been alive the whole time. If you wanna read about what Petra went through, read her CD. It's sad.

    Pia and Petra formed a strange sort of relationship that eventually turned into a new type of sister-bond. When Petra needed a job, Pia welcomed her with open arms into her house on MV. Petra eventually gave birth to a baby boy (Axel) that Pia helped raise, and she loved him like he was her own. When Petra and Axel eventually moved from MV, Pia stayed and threw herself into her work. She still loves visits from her sister and nephew, and also spends many of her free weekends in Ughdarras so she can visit with them there.

    Pia's present: Pia still teaches at Redfern where she is an instructor for the unsettled Solas classes. She was married for a short while two years ago, but they divorced after a very stressful and heartbreaking miscarriage that tore their relationship apart. She now lives alone, again, in her small cottage in Flint Village near the school.

    Pia described in five words: reserved, lonely, loving, protective, sensitive

    Pia's other half: Fray

    Fray is a dude

    Fray is a Carolina Dog

    Pia & Fray are played by squabby bobby

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