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    Natalie Heather Sterling

    Post by Natalie Sterling on Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:03 pm


    Nat looks an awful lot like Amra Cerkezovic

    Nat's appearance: About 5'3 with short, wavy dark hair and blue eyes. She usually dresses in casual tomboyish clothes.

    Nat's past: Natalie was born to her single mother, Solange Sterling, after Solange got pregnant during a fling with a man who decided not to stick around. Then, when she was two years old, her mother died in an accident, and she was immediately adopted by her aunt and uncle, Remy and Hadley Sterling. They became her parents, and she grew up calling them "mom" and "dad," and her cousin Mollie became her sister. She was a handful as a child, always getting into things, questioning authority, and testing boundaries to see what she could and couldn't get away with.

    Nat's present: She is very much a tomboy, clashing with her more feminine sister. Lacking her mom and sister's confidence, she never fit in super well at school, preferring to hang out with her fellow weirdos. Always a rebellious child, she has a deserved reputation as a rule-breaker and trouble-maker, especially among teachers. The one thing she truly excels at is music, and she thinks maybe she'd like to perform one day if she can overcome her shyness.

    Nat described in five words: rebellious, curious, insecure, contrarian, defensive

    Nat's other half: Rio

    Rio is a boy

    Nat & Rio are played by sharn

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