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    frances ansel warren

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    frances ansel warren
    solas | sixteen | woman

    frances looks an awful lot like lina hoss

    frances' appearance: 5'5", brown (sometimes hazel) eyes, strawberry blonde hair that is usually shaved to the skin, thin frame.

    frances' past: Frances spent most of her life at the Flint Orphanage, where she had been abandoned as an infant. Though being collectively raised at an orphanage with a bunch of other kids wasn't ideal, Frances was fairly well-adjusted and excelled socially and academically. Nonetheless, her caretakers thought it would be beneficial for her to take part in the orphanage's youth mentorship program, Lilycove's Kids, where Frances was matched with a settled mentor each year.

    Academics came easily for Frances, which allowed her to spend a lot of time and energy on participating in the Kids program. While the children and youth weren't there to volunteer, she often went out of her way to help out the staff and program participants in any way that she could, building genuine relationships with everyone she came to know. Because of her dedication to the program, Frances was able to travel and assist in establishing chapters throughout Amelia, providing insight and a helping hand to peers and program organizers alike. Along with her inherent maturity for her age, these experiences molded Frances into a successful, experienced, and well-rounded youth, which contributed to her settling at an early age of fifteen.

    frances' present: After settling, Frances was hired by Lilycove's Kids to strategically plan, implement, maintain, and evaluate chapters across Amelia. For about a year, she has been living in West Solas, where she coordinates recruitment, retention, travel, and other logistics for the chapter on Martha's Vineyard, a decently large multi-eilemaiden chapter that also engages students and staff at Redfern Academy.

    Frances lives with her daemon and pet dog in a studio apartment, and is currently finishing her academic studies part-time in a small community school in Solas. While she enjoys the company of others, she's also perfectly happy making it on her own.

    frances described in five words: responsible, cooperative, playful, intelligent, resourceful

    frances' other half: saffron

    saffron is a girl

    saffron is a carrion crow

    frances & saffron are played by lukie

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