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    Estela Luisa Kappo

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    ESTELA looks an awful lot like Jaslene Gonzalez

    ESTELA's appearance: Estela is 5’8, and has brown eyes and long dark hair.

    ESTELA's past: When Estela was born, her name was Renata Meov, and her parents were Abel and Dalia Meov, the heads of a small crime family in Dahlin. The Meovs weren’t especially powerful or influential until the near simultaneous destruction of Overloridian Roden’s Elites and the clio-trafficking organization, which caused a power vacuum in the crime world. Abel and Dalia jumped in to fill the void that the two groups had left behind, and became a powerful and influential family. They even made connections with the Dahlin and Stonecraft mayors, as well as a number of rich families and criminal groups.

    Estela (then still Renata) never wanted any part of it. Her parents were cruel and controlling, wanting their children to act and be a certain way to avoid embarrassing or weakening the family. The day she settled, she ran away in the dead of night. Using her eilemaiden, she could hide during the day and move at night, avoiding the hired hands her parents sent after her until she could reach the relative safety of the Eilemaiden Cities.

    From then on, she made a new life for herself as Estela Kappo, leaving Renata Meov behind. She settled down in Nadar, getting a job as a night nurse and eventually meeting and marrying a man named Henrik Selway. Henri had his own criminal past, and though he eventually opened up to her about it, she never told him about her true life. While the demons of his past may be dead, hers were still very much alive and still out there somewhere. The two had a son, Elias, who Estela loved more than the world itself. She enjoyed every moment of her new life and new family, though couldn’t help but wonder in the back of her mind whether or not it might come to an end.

    ESTELA's present: Estela’s past did indeed catch up to her, after nineteen years. Her parents’ clio found her and dragged her back to them. She had humiliated the family and made them look weak by running away, they said. That couldn’t be forgiven. They told her if she ever escaped again, they would send clio not only after her, but after her entire family, starting with her son.

    Estela endured captivity for three years until she couldn’t take it anymore. She waited for the right opportunity, killed her parents, and escaped, even knowing the danger it would put her real family in. She is now rushing to reunite with and warn them, despite fearing they may not welcome her back once they hear the truth.

    ESTELA described in five words: secretive, empathetic, manipulative, resilient, nurturing

    ESTELA's other half: Binof

    Binof is a lady ma’am

    Binof is an Eastern whip-poor-will

    ESTELA & Binof are played by sharn

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