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    scout tallulah gallagher

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    SCOUT looks an awful lot like TAYLOR MARIE HILL

    SCOUT's appearance: 5' 3", grey-blue eyes, hazel colored hair, thin build

    SCOUT's past: When Scout was around 2 years old, her father, Viktor, passed away from illness, and for about 2 years after that it was just her and her mother, Kennedy Levis. Then her mother started dating a man named William. Her mother dated William for about 2 years, but broke up a little bit after her younger sister, Frankie, was born. Scout can't remember much about William. He had seemed nice, but she remembered he and her mother fighting a lot. William still came around to pick up Frankie, and whenever he did it made Scout sad that her baby sister was going to be away for some time.

    When Frankie was 3 and Scout 9, their mother started dating a new man named, Weston. She stayed with Weston for a while, and even got pregnant again with her third child when Frankie was 6 and Scout was 12. This time it was a little boy named, Dexter.

    Although Scout sometimes got annoyed with her younger siblings, she loved them regardless, and usually felt protective over them. Being the oldest sibling would get tiring sometimes, because her mother would rely on her to watch them when she was putting in long hours at the hospital in Ughdarras, where they have lived Scout's whole life. (When she's not at Redfern of course.)

    Scout attended a local Ughdarras school until she was old enough to attend Redfern Academy and still goes there today.

    SCOUT's present: During the holidays, Scout resides in Ughdarras with her mother, on-again-off-again boyfriend, and two siblings. Scout loves her family, but hates returning home because she loses the freedom she has at Redfern. Her mother still counts on her to take care of her little brother and sister when she's working.

    Since she has all of the responsibilities thrown at her while at home, she's a bit on the rebellious side at school. Parties, skipping class, doing drugs, drinking. Anything that she knew her mother would disapprove of. She doesn't let it get too out of hand though.

    Although Scout can be rebellious, she still takes pride in her work and tries to get good grades. She likes to enjoy life, but wants to excel in life as well. She's a lot like her mother in this aspect.


    SCOUT's other half: COSMO


    SCOUT & COSMO are played by BSNOWBALL

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