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    deilig | sixteen | girl

    Pen looks an awful lot like Thylane Blondeau

    Pen's appearance: 5'4", brown hair that becomes dirty blonde in the summer, blue eyes

    Pen's past: Pen grew up in Dian, the daughter of a school teacher and a well respected business man. Her parents, Brooke and Declan, were always very loving and supportive, and Pen had an easy and comfortable childhood. She has two little brothers, Caleb and Connor, who are ten and eleven respectively, and while she loves them dearly, she also tends to be a bit annoyed by them.

    Growing up, Pen loved sports. She was involved in many, but especially loved baseball. Her father was always a coach on her teams, and he now coaches the varsity team at Pen's school. Pen has always felt a special closeness to her father, whom she loves more than anything.

    Pen's present: Pen lives with her parents in a suburb outside of Dian City. She attends Leaigh Community School as a sixth year, and still plays baseball with her father as her coach. She is not too big into school, but gets the grades necessary to continue playing on her sports team.

    Despite her good relationship with her parents, Pen often likes to sneak out and wander the city. She's an expert on the train lines that run between the suburbs, and enjoys taking them to the heart of Dian and then wandering around aimlessly. She has made many friends this way, and prefers them to the ones she made at school.

    Pen described in five words: stubborn, feisty, street-smart, confident, tenacious

    Pen's other half: Cree

    Cree is a boyo

    Cree is an Ethiopian wolf

    Pen & Cree are played by squabby bobby

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