i was sorry, but not anymore ;; caleb

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    i was sorry, but not anymore ;; caleb

    Post by Carter Woods on Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:54 pm

    For months, Carter had been working up the courage to do what she was going to do today. Fear was what had been holding her back, but fear was also driving her away today. While Caleb had been away at work, Carter had packed all of her and Emma's things. It wasn't much, just a couple suit cases and Emma's stroller. She was going to leave Emma's crib and other larger things here, then maybe come back for it when she had somebody with her. It probably wasn't a good idea to leave without some sort of escort, but Caleb hadn't touched her violently since she first told him she was pregnant.

    Carter now was currently sitting on the living room couch, watching their beautiful daughter sleep peacefully in her arms. Right now, Emma was all she could look at, her jet black hair sticking up at odd angles. Their daughter had just recently turned one, and Carter had decided to wait after the party to leave Caleb. The whole party he had seemed distant, but then again he had been distant for a long time now.

    He made Carter feel like it was her fault, she was the reason why he was distant. They fought all the time, and always ended with tears. It was not a good environment for Emma. She couldn't live in a home where her mom and dad were always screaming at each other.

    Despite all of it, Carter still loved Caleb. When things were good, they were wonderful. He was a doting father, was so good with Emma (when he wanted to be), so gentle with Carter, but there were more bad times than good.

    Suddenly, Carter looked up from her sleeping daughter to the sound of the front door being opened. Her stomach twisted up in knots.

    This was it.

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