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    Senna Arianne Selway-Sommers

    Post by Senna Selway-Sommers on Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:23 pm


    Senna looks an awful lot like Ellie Kenrick

    Senna's appearance: Senna is 5'11, with crazy-curly short brown hair and brown eyes.

    Senna's past: Senna was the first daughter of Paisley and Nils. Shortly afterwords a little brother, Henrik, followed, and not long after that a little sister, Poppy. Growing up, Senna took the job of Big Sister very seriously, being very protective of her little siblings, but at the same time very bossy and teasing. She was also a wild child, always wanting to go off and have adventures in the forest, coming back covered in dirt and twigs and leaves. Always climbing on things and jumping off things and wandering off, she gave her parents more than a few heart attacks.

    Despite being different from both of them in personality, Senna was always extremely close to both her parents.

    Senna's present: Even as a young, settled adult, Senna still has the same attitude towards her siblings. She picks on them and teases them, but if anyone else ever messes with them, they'd better watch out. She is also still close to her parents, looking up to her mother as a strong leader and admiring her father for the things he survived.

    At school, Senna isn't a bad student, though she greatly prefers sports over academics. She wants to become an architect and build houses someday.

    Senna described in five words: bold, adventurous, wild, reckless, protective

    Senna's other half: Paz

    Paz is a girlie

    Paz is a yellow mongoose

    Senna & Paz are played by sharn

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