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    wilder imogen nightsong

    Post by Wilder Nightsong on Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:42 pm

    nadar | sixteen or seventeen maybe (??)| lady

    Wil looks an awful lot like Auli'i Cravalho

    Wil's appearance: dark hair, dark eyes, 5'2", these days often wears a flower in her hair

    Wil's past: Much of Wilder's past is a mystery, even to her. Born to abusive parents, she ran away from home at a very young age. Wil remembers only their faces, and even those images have faded with time. All other memories and details about her family have been forgotten to her. She was called Kate as a child, but has never been able to remember a last name.

    After running away from her abusers, Wil became a "street-rat". Luckily, she was born with a natural resilient streak, and while life on the streets of Stonecraft was not easy by any means, she was able to make do. Very quickly she learned the art of pick pocketing, and begging came easy for her as a small girl with big eyes and a trembling lip. A few years after turning to the streets Wil, still going by Kate at the time, was taken under wing by an extremely poor, elderly woman known as Imogen. Imogen cared for Wil as if she were her granddaughter, and Wil reciprocated by helping out in any way possible.

    During a tough winter, Imogen died of sickness. Wil returned to the streets, unable to keep living in the dingy apartment Imogen's Amelian Social Security (or something?) paid for while they lived together. Soon after, Wil ran into a boy called ____. After a scuffle over food, the two children decided to help each other. From that day forward, the two were inseparable.

    For years, Wil and ____ lived together on the streets, toughing through their days as the only family either one of them had. Together they decided they would change their names, and because they each considered the other family, the decided on a shared last name: Nightsong.

    Wil's present: Wilder was never formally (or informally) educated. Instead, all of her knowledge was learned through action and observation. The closest thing she had to a mentor was Imogen, and most of what she learned through her was incoherent ramblings (but they were rambled with love). She is very street savy and adaptable, and can also be manipulative when needed.

    She and the boy now known as Grey still consider themselves siblings, and though they are quite different they have a very protective love for one another. They are, very literally, all each other has.

    When Wil settled a few months ago, for the first time she was able to get legal work. She settled as Nadar and works in a small, dingy florist's shop, bringing a bit of light to the desolate city. With Wil's new earnings and the money they are able to pull from the streets via Grey they were finally able to afford an extremely cheap, dilapidated flat. Wil has taken it upon herself to keep the apartment covered in flowers and plants, creating a small oasis in the middle of the city the two of them grew up in.

    Wil described in five words: optimistic, hardworking, altruistic, resilient, committed

    Wil's other half: Ness

    Ness is a lad

    Ness is a European Bee Eater

    Wil & Ness are played by squabby bobby

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