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    grey emery nightsong

    Post by Grey Nightsong on Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:41 am


    Grey looks an awful lot like Tre Samuels

    Grey's appearance: 5'9, with floofy black hair, dark eyes and a pretty face.

    Grey's past: Grey's parents lived in Stonecraft, where they got in some trouble and wound up owing some very bad clio a lot of money. When Grey (though he was called Levi at the time) was born with a silver wisp, his parents believed that all their problems had been solved. They stupidly boasted to the loan sharks about how their future overloridian son would soon make them rich and able to pay off their debt. The loan sharks saw a better opportunity in killing them and stealing baby Grey, raising him till he settled and reaping the rewards for themselves. They took care of him in secret for a few years, long enough for his wisp to turn into an animal and conceal his true identity. Eventually, gang conflicts arose and lead to the deaths of the loan sharks and thus anyone who knew of Grey's status. He was taken in by a small homeless community that taught him how to survive the streets through begging and stealing. Along the way he watched many in this community suffer and die due to the apathy and injustices of society, and grew up very hardened and cynical.

    One day in winter, Grey got in a fight with a girl his age over some food. In the end they decided to work together, and became very close very quickly. They stayed together ever since, considering each other brother and sister. Feeling little to no connections to their pasts, they decided to change their names and settled on Grey and Wilder Nightsong.

    Grey knows very little about his early life. He doesn't know his status as a future overloridian, his parents' names, or his original last name.

    Grey's present: Once Wilder settled, she was able to get a job and rent them out a tiny, slummy efficiency in Stonecraft. It was the first time either of them had a roof over their heads in years. Grey, still unsettled (and salty about it), contributes to the bills by pickpocketing, stealing and pawning. He and Wil couldn't be more different in terms of personality and clash constantly, but still love each other more than anything.

    Grey described in five words: harsh, cynical, stubborn, untrusting, tenacious

    Grey's other half: Loren

    Loren is a girlo

    Grey & Loren are played by sharn

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