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    past life

    Post by Elias Kappo-Selway on Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:45 am

    Elias sipped a beer casually, leaning against the wall of a random hallway in some house he'd never been in before. His new (and only) friend at Redfern, Finley, had invited him to a house party but had briefly wandered off for something drug-related in a bedroom with a closed door. Most of the clio here seemed to know each other, which made it incredibly awkward for Elias, who didn't know anyone other than Finley and his cousins (who he didn't talk to and definitely weren't at this party) on the entire island.

    "Hey," a random guy said, approaching Elias with a red solo cup in hand. He looked a lot older than Elias and he seemed a bit drunk due to the redness of his face and look in his eye. "You here with someone? You look...alone." The guy pulled a cigarette from behind his ear. "You smoke?" he asked before giving Elias a chance to answer his first question.

    "No," Elias said, sincerely considering taking up smoking just to hang out with this guy. He wasn't handsome, but he wasn't bad-looking either, and he was the only one to talk to Elias at this entire party so far. "I mean...yeah, I came here with a friend, but I don't smoke."

    "You wanna come outside with me anyway?" the guy responded, examining Elias from top to bottom. Elias blushed. Before he could respond, he heard a familiar voice calling him.

    "Elias! Hey," Finley said, wrapping her arm around Elias' shoulders. She looked at the guy, who looked right back at her almost daringly, as if saying 'don't you dare take this boy away from me, wench' with his eyes.  "Fischer, get out of here," Finley said with annoyance in her voice. "Stop preying on unsettled boys."

    "I didn't know he was unsettled, Fin," Fischer responded, popping the cigarette in his mouth while rolling his eyes. He gave Elias one more lookover and walked away.

    "I'm not unsettled," Elias said, confused because he knew that Finley was perfectly aware he was settled.

    "Fischer's a creep," Finley said, taking her arm from his shoulders to instead grab his hand. "You don't want anything to do with him. C'mon."

    Elias followed Finley to another random -- and empty -- room in the house. Finley plopped down on a twin bed and grabbed a small joint from the bag hanging over her shoulder. She lit it, large puffs of smoke coming from her mouth as she hit it. She took it from her mouth, offering it to Elias, who took it in his own hand.

    "Just breathe in," Finley said like some weed-mentor. "You'll probably cough --" Elias erupted in a smoke-filled coughing fit and Finley giggled drunkenly. Elias started laughing a little too in the midst of his smoky coughing. He had no idea what he was doing, but he felt safe trying these new things with Finley.

    "What's wrong with that guy?" Elias asked after managing to finally clear his throat and lungs.

    "He just preys on lonely clio," Finley said, rolling her eyes and hitting the joint. "I didn't know you were into guys anyway." She passed the joint to Elias, who took a (less coughy) hit and sipped his beer.

    "Yeah, well...I don't know," he mumbled, staring at the floor. "I've never been with anyone before, but I'm not against being with anyone either."

    "So you're queer?" Finley asked, hitting the joint again. Elias turned it down when she offered, so she hit it again.

    "I don't know..." Elias said nervously. "I guess?"

    "That's fine, dude. Fuck labels," Finley responded. "I fuck guys, I fuck girls, I fuck clio who aren't either -- wait, you said you've never been with anyone?" It had taken a while, but Finley finally realized what Elias had said.

    Elias shook his head, quietly muttering a "no...."

    " you know how to like, kiss and stuff?"

    "I mean, I've heard things," Elias responded, totally embarrassed. The interesting thing about Finley was that she didn't say these sort of things to call Elias out or make him uncomfortable. She wasn't judging him, and that made Elias feel just a little less exposed.

    "I can show you, if you want," Finley said, smiling. Her eyes were red now, and Elias could tell he was starting to get high too, as everything seemed to go slower and he was starting to become hyper aware of his body.

    "Come here," she beckoned, scooting a bit closer to Elias on the bed. Elias blushed but let it happen. Finley took his beer from his hand, setting the bottle and the joint (which she put out) on the windowsill next to the bed. Elias felt Finley's hand on his thigh as her face came incredibly close to his.

    "Do you want to?" she asked before going any further. Elias nodded, and Finley proceeded to move in for a kiss. Elias wasn't completely sure what to even do, but he felt his mouth fall into place with Finley's, each of their lips comfortably fitting between one another's. Finley moved her hand from his thigh to his face, pulling him as close as possible as their mouths opened wider. Elias' hands found Finley's face and the side of her neck as her tongue grazed his lips, giving him chills.

    Finley pulled away, smiling. "So...clio like it when you do this," she said, showing Elias something magical with her tongue on his neck that gave him even more goosebumps. Elias was getting a bit overwhelmed physically because he'd literally never done any of this before; nonetheless, he moved his lips to Finley's neck and mimicked what Finley did, receiving an approving moan from her as he did so. "Yeah," she breathed, "like that."

    Finley moved her body so that she was straddling Elias on the bed, pushing his back against the wall. This was a bit much for him, especially since his body was...reacting. Finley wrapped her arms around Elias, seemingly ignoring (or accepting?) his body's reaction to the situation as she kept kissing him.

    Suddenly the door burst open as two clio stumbled into the room, entangled in each other's bodies. Finley immediately hopped off of Elias' lap and started laughing at the duo as they realized they'd walked in on something other than an empty room.

    "Raia! Oh my gods!" Finley exclaimed, still laughing. Elias was stunned and utterly confused. Were he and Finley about to hook up before these random clio came in???

    "Oh my gods," the clio Elias assumed to be Raia said. "Finley, don't tell Hunter!"

    "Who's Hunter?" the clio accompanying Raia asked. Raia rushed herself and the other clio of the room, slamming the door behind them. Elias looked to Finley to lead the rest of...whatever this was.

    "You're a good kisser," Finley noted after composing herself. "And Raia is a good cheater."

    "Apparently," Elias said with a chuckle, still confused. He awkwardly tussled his hair, unsure of what else to do with his body at the moment. Finley leaned over to tussle his hair too.

    "You've got such cute hair," she said, becoming more high with every minute that passed, it seemed. "Do you want another drink?" she asked slowly.

    "Sure." Elias nodded, grabbing and finishing the last sip remaining of his beer. Finley stood up and reached a hand out to Elias to help pull him up.

    "I'm alright," he said, standing up admittedly with a bit of a wobble. Once he was up, Finley pulled him into a sudden kiss before grabbing his hand and pulling him with her to stumble out of the room, thankfully after his body had erm, 'calmed down' a bit.

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