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    nolan keane

    Post by Anders Byrnes (Nolan) on Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:24 am

    anders reid byrnes
    (nolan keane)

    adhbhar | twenty | male

    nolan looks an awful lot like elias de poot

    nolan's appearance: 6'0", hazel eyes, messy brown hair. Tall, lanky, looks young and innocent unless you bother to give him a second look (which most clio don't). Obviously always thinking deeply about something.

    nolan's past: Born as Anders Reid Byrnes, Anders was orphaned at a young age when his parents perished in a house fire that was later declared as arson. (No suspects were ever determined.) After spending a short amount of time in foster care, which Anders found to be incredibly stifling and drab, Anders took it upon himself to escape and make a life of his own at the age of 10. As an impressively intelligent, detail-oriented, and resourceful young boy, Anders found ways to support himself in the city-state of Stonecraft, where he used his boyish charm and ability to manipulate (and outwardly lie) to persuade shop keepers to pay him for odd jobs.

    After years of moving around Amelia, Anders settled down in a small dingy Adhbhar studio and found a few consistent (though boring and somewhat humiliating) job opportunities to keep a steady income. While Anders was working at a local coffee shop, a beautiful young girl swept him off of his feet without saying a word. She had gorgeous blonde hair, striking hazel eyes, and a smile that went on for days. Anders was thoroughly in awe -- and as someone who was generally unimpressed by most of Amelia's population, this was new for Anders. This was eye-opening. Life-changing. Amelia-shattering.

    After their short interaction in the coffee shop, Anders was both convinced that the two clio were meant to be and determined to find out who this young woman was. It didn't take him long to discover that she was a celebrity -- the daughter of the Adhbhar overloridian. Her name was Alaska Neeva Angelo. Her name rolled off of Anders' tongue so effortlessly.

    Anders settled in Adhbhar soon after, beginning his life's transformation of making Alaska his lifelong wife, lover, and confirmed soulmate. He knew they couldn't just run off together, as she was well-known and intricately connected to many social webs within and outside of Adhbhar. So Anders came up with a plan.

    nolan's present: The past three years of Anders' life has led to this moment: finally reaching Alaska. Breaking the three-year ice. Anders has saved up enough money and conceived of a detailed plan of action for the perfect getaway. He's practiced, experimented, determined variables, imagined every possible outcome. He's ready, and he's heading to Martha's Vineyard (where Alaska is attending Redfern Academy) to finally make his move.

    He has taken on a new name, Nolan Keane, in order to avoid leaving any traceable evidence behind after he and Alaska escape together. Alaska may be a popular figurehead, but he has effectively attained the opposite: no one knows him. Clio know of him, as the barista, the bartender, the janitor, the shop keep. But with his help, he can completely erase Alaska from the public eye -- so they can be together forever.

    nolan described in five words: intelligent, patient, thorough, creative, determined

    nolan's other half: roanoke

    roanoke is a female

    roanoke is a canada lynx

    nolan & roanoke are played by lukester

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