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    sage arlo emerson

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    Sage looks an awful lot like Boo Boo Stewart

    Sage's appearance: 6', dark eyes, dark hair

    Sage's past: Sage's mother and father met at Redfern. When they were seniors the attack on the school happened. The couple fled the island when the school was evacuated during the war, and moved to Annerb. Instead of returning to finish their senior semesters the following school year, they decided to stay on the island and eloped. Their parents were unhappy with their choices, and ultimately they grew apart from their families. They started a small farm, which eventually grew prosperous despite their lack of degrees. It was during this time that Sage's mother became pregnant with him.

    Due to a quick, complicated labor, Sage was born on the farm his parents had so lovingly created together. The complications from the birth caused Sage's mom to pass away shortly after he was born, leaving his father to raise him alone.

    Sage had a wholesome childhood growing up on Annerb, and though he grew up without a mother he never felt lacking in love. He and his father have always been very close, and he accredits his work ethic and love of life to him. He went to school on the island for the first several years of his educational career, but then earned a scholarship for Redfern in his sixth year. Despite loving his childhood, Sage had always dreamed of something bigger, so he accepted.

    Sage's present: Currently Sage attends Redfern on that scholarship he earned two years ago. As he is in his senior year he has started thinking about what he is going to do after graduation. Part of him wants to return to the farm he spent his childhood on to help his father, but part of him feels he is destined for more than being on a secluded island for the rest of his life.

    Sage described in five words: curious, loyal, ambitious, defensive, guarded

    Sage's other half: Crimson

    Crimson is a lady

    Crimson is a Cross Fox

    Sage & Crimson are played by squabby bobby

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